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Twilight thief
  Sneaks through shadows
    Bearing no mask
   Gloom hides her scarred face
  Creeps to a sacred place
Formidable foe.

Upon the palace she swoops:
   A barren desert of a thousand eyes;
    A heart of stone knows no regret;
     The glow of treasure fills her face
As wispy soldiers sink to darkness.

Sound the alarm!
There is the king!
Hear the jaybird rejoice and sing!

He blinds the thief
  With a blink of his eye;
    She falls past recognition
   With nary a cry.
Light celebrates the victory.

She will never stop,
Never cease,
Always seek to reign.
The cycle always continues
But the kingdom is his again.
I wrote this for a school assignment, and since it was FINALLY a poem of mine that I liked, I decided to submit it :D It's actually got a double meaning; the elements of it refer to something else. Anyone care to solve it? :eyes: You get one hint: it refers to a natural occurence that happens regularly. Hope you like it ^^ There's a drawing that goes with this, but I won't put it up until someone tries to solve the riddle. The image would pretty much give it away. :XD:
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April 9, 2011
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